Профессор Знаев - Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для старшеклассников "День Святого Валентина"




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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для старшеклассников "День Святого Валентина"

Цели мероприятия:

Образовательная: закрепление грамматических  правил употребления  имен прилагательных и существительных в английском языке;

Развивающая: развивать навыки диалогической речи, а также умение воспринимать на слух иноязычную речь;

Воспитательная: прививать культуру общения, умения вести беседу, находить общий язык;

Оборудование:трон Зевса, колчан со стрелами Амура, фонограммы песен о любви, задания для викторины.



Characters:God Zeus

                   Cupid with arrows


                   2 boys

                   2 girls



Scene 1


God Zeus (sitting on the throne): Oh, how the world has changed! There is no place for love in people’s  hearts! There is no place for the light  and kindness! It’s a pity,that the times of Romeo and Juliet have passed. But the holiday is coming.


At that time Cupid and Valentine are walking along and arguing.


Cupid:I  say, we must push arrows at them! O-o-ups, and they are in love already!

Valentine: My dear, love is a divine feeling! It’s necessary for people to wait for love and wish to love and to be loved.

Cupid: You are not right. It takes too much time. I can’t wait. I must work.I don’t want to lose my jobbecause I crave for buying summer cottage by the sea.

Valentine: My friend, I sympathize with you, but unexpected love may become a misfortune…


         They notice Zeus and greet him.


Valentine: Good morning, Your Majesty!

Cupid:How do you do, boss!

God Zeus: I was listening to your argument and I’ve got an idea. I see you are experts in love affairs. So I give you the task: make everything possible for the victory of love in people’s world. If you succeed, I will reward you and give a lot of money!


                                                        Scene 2


Valentine and Cupid are talking.


Cupid: Well, good-bye, my friend. You’ll go to the right, and I will go to the left. If anything happens – you ring me up! We’ll meet at the café “Two Hearts” and share our success.

Valentine: All right, I wish you good luck!


         They say good-bye to each other and go away.


Scene 3


In the café “Two Hearts” 2 girls are sitting at the first table, 2 young men are sitting at the second one. The third table is vacant. Cupid enters the café and sits down at the third table. A waiter comes up to him.


Waiter: What would you like to eat?

Cupid: A piece of cake and strawberry juice, please.


         Valentine rushes into the café and joins Cupid.


Valentine: How tired I am!

Waiter: Do you want anything?

Valentine: Yes, double coffee “Expresso” and a bar of milk chocolate with nuts, please.

Cupid: Well, my friend, how are the things going on?

Valentine: I have failed. No one loving person! Nobody wants to love!  And I don’t know the reason! What about you?

Cupid: The same with me! Farewell to my summer cottage by the sea! I’ve been shooting so many times, but I have no results. Their hearts are arrow-proof! My boss will be furious!

Valentine:And I will be pensioned off without any money! Oh, it’s terrible!


         The girls are talking at their table.


1st girl: Svetlana, you see, I don’t need a prince. I want to be loved by a kind, reliable and well-bred young man.

2nd girl: Oh, Irene, where on earth could you find such a man? Frankly speaking, I’d like to fall in love too.


         The young men are speaking.


1st boy: I say, Vanya, don’t be upset! Never say “die”! Real love comes suddenly and all your life will change at once… If I only fall in love with somebody!

2nd boy: And I believe in love too. I still hope to find my Laura.


Valentine: Cupid, have you heard those words?

Cupid: Oh, yes! I feel my dreams may become true – I will be able to have a summer cottage!

Valentine: Let’s shoot!


         Cupid takes the arrows and begins to shoot. He struck the boys. They come up to the girls.


Vanya:Good morning, girls!

Girls:Hello, boys!

Sergey: May we join you?

Girls: Of course you may.

Boys: Let’s make an acquaintance.


         They begin to talk. They are merry and happy.


Cupid:My congratulations, Valentine! In 7 days you will marry off these two beloved couples.

Valentine: Oh, it’s great! Do you remember the words: “A man if he is a man can’t live without love!” And  God Zeus will reward us for our work!


         They leave the café laughing.


Scene 4


         Zeus is on the throne. It’s the 14th of February. Cupid and Valentine come in.


Valentine: The marriage was excellent! Our couples are very happy. By the way, I’ve married off 15 beloved couples more!

Cupid: 17 couples! Well done!

God Zeus: Good boys you are! You have coped with your task wonderfully! Thank you very much for your work!

(Addressing to the audience) And you, my dear young people, be happy and loved on that Saint Valentine’s Day!

  *    *   *

Valentine’s Day is a day to share loving feelings with friends and family. It has become traditional for many couples to become engaged on this day. By the way, in Kiev Rus there existed the Day of Sweethearts too. It was celebrated on the 8th of July in honour of the saint couple of Peter and Fevronia. We can remember other famous couples, such as Romeo and Juliet, Caesar and Cleopatra, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Orpheus and Eurydice, Napoleon and Josephine etc.

Now let’s have a competition. It will be among the couples of pupils of every senior form.

Match the words with similar meanings:

1.romance                   a.boyfriend

2.affection                   b.love

3.humorous                 c.tenderness, warm feeleengs

4.decorate                   d.make attractive

5.merchant                           e.wife or husband

6.spouse                      f.emotions

7.feelings                     g.funny

8.companion               h.celebration

9.festival                      i.storekeeper

10.sweetheart             j.friend

II.Cross out the phrases or words that don’t belong:

         1.humorous                 a.serious    b.funny      c.light-hearted  d.comic

         2.affection          a.a hug      b.a kiss      c.anger      d.holding hands

         3.feelings            a.love                  b.anger      c.homework       d.happiness

4.festival             a.a party    b.a funeral c.a parade d.a celebration

5.spouse             a.a husband b.mate    c.parent     d.wife

III.Select the correct word form to complete the sentence:

         1.It is a (romance, romantic) poem.

         2.The Spring party was a (festival, festive) occasion.

         3.The TV comedy was full of (humour, humorous).

         4.The Christmas tree was (decorated, decoration) with coloured lights.

         5.He wrote a message of (affection, affectionate).

IV.Unscramble the words:

         1.rhaet  2.vole  3.erpesnt   4.figt   5.ncayd   

         Answers: heart, love, present, gift, candy.

V.The boys must prepare the words of love to their girls in 3 minutes.


  *    *   *

Dear participants and guests of our party! Our judges will sum up the results of our competition and the winners will be rewarded with sweet prizes.

         And just now we invite you to enjoy dancing.


      *    *   *

         We hope you have enjoyed the party.

Our best wishes to you on that very day! Be loved and happy!       





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