Упражнение 280

I told. — I was told.

I showed. — I was shown.

She brought. — She was brought.

We asked. — We were asked.

We answered. — We were answered.

We sent. — We were sent.

She forbade. — She was forbidden.

They gave. — They were given.

He helped. — He was helped.

He advised. — He was advised.

He forgot. — He was forgotten.

He remembered. — He was remembered.

We invited. — We were invited.

We corrected. — We were corrected.

He cured. — He was cured.

He called. — He was called.

She offered. — She was offered.

I rang. — I was rung.

Упражнение 281

I was told. — I am told. — I shall be told.

I was shown. — I am shown. — I shall be shown. She was brought. — She is brought. — She will be brought.

We were asked. — We are asked. — We shall be asked.

We were answered. — We are answered. — We shall be answered.

We were sent. — We are sent. — We shall be sent.

They were given. — They are given. — They will be given.

He was helped. — He is helped. — He will be helped.

He was advised. — He is advised. — He will be ad­vised.

He was forgotten. — He is forgotten. — He will be forgotten.

He was remembered. — He is remembered. — He will be remembered.

We were invited. — We are invited. — We shall be invited.

We were corrected. — We are corrected. — We shall be corrected.

He was called. — He is called. — He will be called.

Упражнение 282

1. is eaten. 2. was received. 3. will be sent. 4. was asked. 5. was given. 6. are built. 7. will be done. 8. was translated. 9. were planted. 10. are always played. 11. will be given. 12. were invited. 13. is never found. 14. was not built. 15. was answered. 16. is played. 17. are gathered. 18. were destroyed. 19. will be finished. 20. are sold. 21. was founded.

Упражнение 283

1. will be met. 2. will meet. 3. will bring. 4. will be brought. 5. may leave. 6. can leave. 7. will be taken. 8. will take.

Упражнение 284

1. I always praise my friends. 2. I am always praised at home. 3. Every Saturday father shows grandfather my marks. 4. Every Saturday father is shown my marks. 5. We often remember you. 6. We are often remembered in the village. 7. I am given juice every morning. 8. Every morning I give the cat milk. 9. Every day he tells us something interesting. 10. Every day he is told something interesting. 11. I often send an e-mail to my friends. 12. I am often sent abroad on business. 13. I am often invited to the cinema. 14. My sister is often helped at school. 15. Sometimes I forget to take my travel card. 16. I don’t write many letters. 17. Books by A. Christie are read with great interest. 18. Dogs like bones. 19. Dogs are liked in many fami­lies. 20. When is tea drunk in your family? 21. Where are old letters kept? 22. Why are these rules always forgotten? 23. Why do you always forget these rules? 24. Where do your friends live? 25. Where is bread bought? 26. When are questions asked?

Упражнение 285

1. I advised my friend to join a sports club. 2. I was advised to join a sports club. 3. I showed the doctor my teeth. 4. I was shown to the doctor. 5. I gave my dog a lump of sugar. 6. I was given soup for dinner. 7. Yes­terday I asked the teacher to help me. 8. Yesterday I was asked to help my classmate. 9. Last summer I taught my sister to swim. 10. Last summer I was taught to swim. 11. Yesterday we were asked a lot of questions at the les­son. 12. I answered all the questions. 13. The teacher gave me a good mark. 14. At home I was praised. 15. These letters were brought in the morning. 16. My bicycle was bought last year. 17. These nuts were eaten yesterday. 18. Where did you buy this book? 19. Where was this book bought? 20. When was the dinner cooked? 21. When was the cup broken? 22. When did you break the cup? 23. What was he promised? 24. When was the car re­paired? 25. When was the mistake corrected? 26. Where were you born? 27. Where did you study English? Who taught you English?

Упражнение 286

1. Tomorrow I shall bring a new film. 2. Tomorrow a new film will be brought. 3. My friend will help me with mathematics. 4. My friend will be helped with German. 5. We shall buy some ice cream. 6. The new skates will be bought tomorrow. 7. Mike will ask me to help him. 8. Mike will be asked to tell about his journey. 9. The doctor will ask me to open my mouth. 10. The doctor will be asked to cure me. 11. The tickets will be brought tomorrow. 12. The dictation will be writ­ten next Tuesday. 13. Mother will be asked not to worry. 14. Mother will be given a cup of coffee. 15. Mother will thank the doctor. 16. The money will be sent at once. 17. The carpet will be hung on the wall. 18. The books will be put on the shelf. 19. When will the letter be sent? 20. When will the paper be corrected? 21. How will this work be done? 22. When will this dictionary be returned?

Упражнение 287

1. The freshman was laughed at. 2. The headmis­tress was spoken to yesterday. 3. The babies were looked after with great care. 4. That old house was not lived in. 5. Jim was sent for and told to prepare a report on that subject. 6. Our friend was thought about all the time. 7. He will be operated on in a week. 8. The pupil’s parents were sent for. 9. The newspaper was looked for everywhere. 10. The bed was not slept in. 11. The telegram was asked for. 12. The lecturer was listened to with great attention. 13. The weather is often talked about.

Упражнение 288

1. She is often sent to the post office. 2. Last year she was sent to Cambridge. 3. He will be sent to Har­vard. 4. She is always sent for. 5. She was sent for yesterday. 6. I shall be sent for tomorrow. 7. They are always invited to Ann’s birthday. 8. In summer Nick will be taken to the country. 9. This dull film was not much talked about. 10. We were shown a lot of beau­tiful paintings at the museum. 11. This book is very often asked for. 12. My idea was misunderstood.

Упражнение 289

1. Irene was brought some beautiful shells from the south by her husband. 2. The newspaper reporters were given a long interview. 3. You will be taught Eng­lish by Mr Wilson. 4. I was ordered a month’s rest from studying. 5. Nick was given a book for his birthday. 6. We are told stories by our mother every evening. 7. You will be shown a new book of pictures. 8. She was shown the way. 9. We shall be sent a box of fruit. 10. They were followed by five or six small children. 11. In summer the horses are often driven to the fields. 12. The Poles were led into the thickest part of the forest. 13. The lit­tle boat was carried out to sea. 14. The translation will be done in the evening. 15. The houseplants are watered regularly. 16. I was promised these books long ago. 17. Bessie was given a complete set of Walter Scott’s works. 18. Their (The) heavy backpacks were dropped (by the two hikers). 19. The roof of the house will be painted. 20. The fence was whitewashed. 21. She was given three beautiful dishes as a birthday present.

Упражнение 290

1. She took a long time to write the composition, but at last it was written. 2. Don’t put the cup there: it will be broken. 3. Why weren’t you at the birthday party? — I wasn’t invited. 4. We had some difficul­ties, but all the same the work was finished on time. 5. You will be left behind if you are not quick. 6. All my money was spent on books last month. 7. I don’t think all this work will be done today: there is too much of it. 8. It’s a very funny thing that when I start doing this, I am always stopped. 9. Don’t leave these sweets on the table: they will be eaten. 10. Her mother’s heart was really broken when she left home. 11. The bear was attacked by the bees when it tried to take their honey.

Упражнение 291

1. The box must be taken to the station. 2. The river can be crossed on a raft. 3. The building of the house can be finished very soon. 4. Your debts must be paid the day after tomorrow. 5. Three of these exercises must be done tomorrow. 6. The book you need can be found in any library. 7. These letters must be sent at once. 8. This mistake can be easily forgiven. 9. Such berries can be found everywhere. 10. This work must be done very carefully. 11. The doctor says she must be taken to hospital. 12. The work can be done in three days. 13. All the library books must be returned before each summer vacation. 14. Even the tallest trees can be climbed by monkeys. 15. All you money mustn’t be spent at once. 16. His advice can’t be taken.

Упражнение 292

1. Hands must be washed before each meal. 2. Rooms must be regularly aired. 3. A cat must be fed with fish. 4. A dog can be fed with meat and vegetables. 5. A child must be given fruit. 6. The books must be put in the bookcase. 7. This beautiful picture can be hung over the fireplace. 8. How can this word be translated? 9. Where can the suitcases be put? 10. May the cat be left in the yard? 11. What must be paid attention to? 12. Your telephone number must be written down. 13. Your blood pressure must be checked. 14. He must be invited to my birthday party. 15. She can be offered a new job.

Упражнение 293

1. The rule was understood. 2. It was learnt. 3. The invitation will be accepted. 4. The letter will be posted. 5. Music is heard. 6. The first prize was won. 7. The question was settled. 8. Your report must be divided. 9. He will be sent. 10. The book will be discussed. 11. The essay must be handed. 12. He was told. 13. The article was published. 14. The lecture was attended. 15. A taxi was called. 16. The young man was introduced. 17. The mobile phone mustn’t be used.

Упражнение 294

1. saw. 2. will be received. 3. will give. 4. be found. 5. shall show. 6. find. 7. is divided. 8. founded. 9. was founded. 10. call. 11. speaks.

Упражнение 295

1. Potatoes were bought yesterday. 2. The books will be brought tomorrow. 3. The clock is being repaired now. 4. Milk is sold in this shop. 5. The whole text has been translated. 6. A lot of money was stolen from the shop. 7. By six o’clock the work had been finished. 8. At twelve o’clock the trucks were being loaded. 9. By three o’clock the trucks had been loaded. 10. Our children are being taught computer science now. 11. This film will be shown on TV. 12. A new concert hall is being built in our street. 13. The window was broken last week. 14. When I came home, the sweets had been eaten. 15. The work will be done in the evening. 16. This book was written in the 19th century. 17. Tennis was being played from four till five. 18. A number of important experiments have been carried out in this laboratory. 19. Central Africa was explored by Livingstone in the 19th century. 20. By the middle of autumn all the trees had been planted. 21. This play will be staged at the beginning of next season. 22. The story has been forgotten. 23. Have the rules of the game been explained to you? 24. My skates haven’t been brought back. 25. Corrections are usually made in red ink.

Упражнение 296

1. He was shown the way to the metro station. 2. I shall be introduced to his friends. 3. A bridge is being built over the river. 4. The article hasn’t yet been translated. 5. The man was being looked at with great surprise. 6. The films will be talked about at the lesson. 7. The pupil’s parents were sent for. 8. Have the let­ters been typed yet? — No, they are being typed now. 9. He was asked about his holidays. 10. The novel has already been discussed. 11. I was not given his address. 12. All my bills have just been paid.

Упражнение 297

1. Three foreign languages are taught at this school. 2. This letter was received after his departure. 3. Have you ever been attacked by dogs? 4. Honey is gathered from flowers by bees. 5. The ship was driven against a rock. 6. Whom was the circulation of blood discov­ered by? 7. Delicious fruit ice cream is being sold there now. 8. We were shown the way out of the wood (by the old man). 9. She was offered some interesting work. 10. She was prescribed new medicine. 11. He is not much thought of. 12. This funny animal was laughed at by everybody. 13. You have been looked for the whole morning. 14. Strict discipline will be insisted on. 15. This computer program has just been written.

Упражнение 298

1. A lot of things have been scattered about. 2. All the books have been put in the bookcase. 3. The fields will be covered with snow in winter. 4. The homework will be handed in tomorrow. 5. I don’t think all the preparations will be finished today. 6. I am always invited to her dinner parties. 7. I was shown the dress (which had been) made by her daughter. 8. She was not invited to the party. 9. The window was not left open. 10. The light was not turned off. 11. Some friends have been invited to tea. 12. I have been given an English book. 13. Has the letter been written yet? 14. We have been told a lot of interesting things. 15. The paper has been written without mistakes. 16. The matter was discussed some days ago. 17. You are wanted on the phone. 18. My book was found on the windowsill. 19. Excellent shelters have been built for tourists in these mountains. 20. Have the exercises been given out to all the students? 21. The boy was angry because he was not allowed to go to the stadium. 22. Why have my books been put on this table? 23. His taxes have been paid. 24. This old computer is still being used.

Упражнение 299

1. I was taken to the cinema last week. 2. This work will be finished on time. 3. This house was built in 2001. 4. New children’s books were being sold in that shop when I entered it yesterday. 5. On our way to the station we were joined by a large group of young people. 6. A school was started in this village by a young teacher. 7. This article is being translated now. 8. “The Forsyte Saga” was written by Galsworthy. 9. This meeting was attended by thousands of people. 10. I have just been interrupted. 11. It has been explained to us (by the teacher). 12. The light is turned on when it is dark. 13. The students’ translation was finished some time ago. 14. The dishes were washed (by Helen). 15. Betty’s younger brother was often taken for a walk. 16. Some coffee has been made. 17. Has your dress been ironed yet? 18. This word was mispro­nounced. 19. She has been told the truth. 20. We were promised an interesting entertainment. 21. Chalk is used for writing on the blackboard. 22. My work will be finished at about seven o’clock. 23. The door has been opened. 24. The coffee was brought in. 25. His credit card has been lost.

Упражнение 300

1. The girl was looked for everywhere. 2. The boy was not listened to. 3. The patients are looked after well. 4. Our address was asked for. 5. These papers were looked through this morning. 6. My brother will be given English lessons. 7. I have been shown an in­teresting magazine. 8. He was told everything (by his friend). 9. The famous lecturer was warmly greeted by the students. 10. A huge plant has recently been built in the town of N. 11. The work must be finished by tomorrow. 12. When I fell ill, the doctor was sent for. 13. Helen was shown the nearest way to the theatre. 14. His patient was given some good advice. 15. I have been told the news (by Mary). 16. The little boy was looked at with interest. 17. The paper was examined attentively. 18. Her daughter is being taught to cook now.

Упражнение 301

1. She cleaned and aired the room. 2. Have you read all these books? 3. Who wrote these letters? 4. The secretary has just typed the letter. 5. She showed me the picture which her husband had painted. 6. My parents will not allow me to go there. 7. We have told him everything so he knows what to do. 8. You must answer all the questions. 9. They have left the door open. 10. We met Betty at the station. 11. The girl’s mother did not allow her to go to the concert. 12. She said that they had not yet hung up the new timetable on the notice board. 13. We ate the roast chicken with pleasure. 14. It was so dark that we could not see the houses. 15. They have not yet turned off the light. 16. She punished the boy for misbehaving. 17. By three o’clock we had prepared everything. 18. We wrote the dictation without mistakes. 19. Who wrote the poem? 20. She washed and ironed her dress. 21. They did not blame me for the mistakes. 22. The teacher had looked through and corrected the papers by the next lesson. 23. They built this house last year. 24. We have just sent the letter. 25. We shall translate this article at the lesson on Tuesday. 26. When will you return this book to the library? 27. The doctor ordered her to have complete rest after her heart attack.

Упражнение 302

1. We have sent invitations to all the old pupils to be present at the school’s thirtieth anniversary. 2. All the passengers in the bus were listening to the story of the boy whom the driver had saved from drowning. 3. We finished the work on time. 4. She takes care of the child. 5. Every student must read this book. 6. You can see this film at our cinema. 7. Spartan parents taught their children to endure all hardships. 8. Which article did your brother translate? 9. He was teaching them drawing at that lesson. 10. He seldom mentioned this name in his novels. 11. People often tell me about it. 12. We have never talked to this man. 13. When did you do it? 14. What museums did you visit last year? 15. Has he handed in his essay? 16. What you have said is true. 17. After he had thoroughly explained the facts to her, she no longer felt worried. 18. The policeman fined him for crossing the street in the wrong place. 19. The Persians attacked the Greeks from the sea. 20. People have never climbed this mountain before (No one has ever climbed this mountain before). 21. She told me that she had carefully put those newspapers away where she would not lose them. 22. Why have you put these cups here in this cupboard? 23. Nick’s mother told him to go home at once.

Упражнение 303

1. shall be asked. 2. was highly spoken. 3. was ex­pected. 4. would be opened. 5. is (being) sold. 6. were looked, was found. 7. were made. 8. had been received. 9. have just been introduced. 10. will be taken, will be brought.

Упражнение 304

1. This book was borrowed from the library only yesterday. 2. These three students were asked two days ago. 3. Were you examined in the morning? 4. This mouse was caught at night. 5. Very beautiful bags are made in this factory. 6. Letters can be sent there only in summer, but telegrams all the year round. 7. My friend is sent abroad every year. 8. She was sent to hospital two days ago. 9. Yesterday we were sent to the labora­tory. 10. This essay about poetry was written last week. 11. The money was sent late at night, and he will receive it only in the morning. 12. This article must be read by the whole group. 13. This exercise may be written in pencil. 14. All your essays will be returned next week. 15. This letter can be written on a piece of paper.

Упражнение 305

1. We were shown a very strange picture. 2. You are being looked for. Go home. 3. You will be told about all the changes in the school curriculum. 4. Why is he always laughed at? 5. All of us were given tickets to the exhibition. 6. The lectures of this famous professor are always listened to with great attention. 7. Am I being waited for? 8. They were asked three difficult questions. 9. The headmaster has already been sent for. Please wait a little. 10. Everybody was invited to a big hall. 11. These letters have been looked through. They can be sent. 12. At the station they were met and taken to the hotel by the guide. 13. These magazines must be returned to the library next week. 14. During our lessons particular at­tention is paid to pronunciation. 15. The boy was told to explain why he missed classes. 16. Shall I be invited to your party? 17. The children were left alone at home.

Упражнение 306

1. This doctor is often sent for. 2. He is always met by his friends at the railway station. 3. Are you given books for reading at school? 4. The prisoners were brought into a big hall. 5. What exercises were done in class? 6. Who was this novel written by? 7. Many schools won’t be built next year. 8. He is laughed at by everybody. 9. Will this work be finished next week? 10. When were these apple trees planted? 11. He was often remembered and very highly spoken of at the institute. 12. Shall we be met at the station? 13. The answer will be sent in a few days. 14. When were you asked? 15. This translation will be finished in a few days. 16. Will this book be returned on time? 17. He will be met by his father at the railway station. 18. This picture was painted in the 16th cen­tury. 19. Are these books used for work? 20. In Italy we shall be shown many places of interest. 21. This man was followed by a great crowd. 22. When the new story was being read, somebody knocked at the door. 23. Have you already been invited to the party? 24. When mother came, dinner had already been cooked.

Упражнение 307

1. The letters were left on the table. 2. The boy was not allowed to bathe in the river. 3. After dinner the dishes were washed. 4. The letter was written yesterday. 5. This article was written by an English journalist. 6. This poem must be learnt by all the students of our group. 7. We were shown a lot of fine pictures. 8. The poem was learnt by heart. 9. They will be taught English. 10. When the apple was eaten (had been eaten), the girl took the doll and went into the room. 11. When will your book be written? 12. All these books have been borrowed from the library. 13. The dictation was handed in to the teacher after the bell rang. 14. I thought that bread and butter would be bought by my sister. 15. In spring this field will be covered with green grass and flowers. 16. The homework was prepared, the books and exercise books were put into the bag. 17. The work was done very well. 18. The article must be translated by five o’clock. 19. The translation will be finished on time. 20. When I came home, soup had already been cooked. 21. The article was translated without mis­takes. 22. The book was put in the bookcase.

Упражнение 308

1. Where is your brother now? — He has been sent to France. 2. You have just been spoken of. 3. At home she was laughed at. 4. “I have just been ordered to bring in the prisoners,” said the soldier. 5. Who was this letter written by? 6. These flowers have just been picked. 7. Were you asked to come a little earlier yesterday? 8. Next year his play will be staged at this theatre. 9. This professor is always sent for in dif­ficult situations. 10. St Paul’s Cathedral was built by the architect Wren. 11. When was the letter written? 12. Where have the books been put? 13. The doctor will be sent for tomorrow. 14. Are many houses built in St Petersburg? 15. Books by English and Ameri­can writers are published all over the world. 16. By the time he came, the letter had already been received. 17. Our house is being repaired now. 18. Nick is just being asked. 19. Have the books been brought from the library? 20. This cinema had been built before we came here. 21. Robert Burns’ poems are known in many countries. 22. When Charles Dickens was a little boy, his father was put into a debtors’ prison. 23. This opera was written a hundred years ago. 24. This novel has already been translated into five languages. 25. Dinner was being cooked when I came home.

Упражнение 309

1. I was introduced to her father yesterday. 2. When I return home, all my suitcases will be packed (will have been packed). 3. What textbook is referred to in your report? 4. Had this excellent essay been written before you made your report? 5. She was listened to very inattentively and everything she said was soon forgotten. 6. Is this episode much talked about in her family? 7. He hasn’t been offered the job yet. 8. Has the medicine been sent for? — Yes, it is being looked for. 9. He was brought up by his sister. 10. Don’t worry, he will be helped with his work. 11. Three new schools are being built in our district. 12. This bridge is still being built. It was being built when I saw it for the first time. 13. When I began helping them, they had already been translating the article for two hours, but it had not yet been translated. 14. When I come home, dinner will still be cooked. 15. This story was discussed at the literature lesson. 16. Don’t speak until you are spoken to. 17. Agatha Christie’s works were translated into more than 100 languages.